"In years to come, Harry would never quite remember how he had managed to get through his exams when he half expected Voldemort to come bursting through the door any moment."
Harry Potter in 1991[src]

All first year students at Hogwarts are required to complete a set of examinations to get into the second year. There is one exam for each subject.[1] In 1991, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger tried to balance studying for their exams with worrying about Severus Snape and Voldemort whom they thought were out to steal the Philosopher's Stone.[1]

Known examsEdit


"Professor Flitwick called them one by one into his class to see if they could make a pineapple tap-dance across a desk."
—The Charms exam[src]

The Charms exam consisted in attributing animation to an otherwise inanimate object. In 1992, the students had to make a pineapple dance across Filius Flitwick's desk.[1]


"Professor McGonagall watched them turn a mouse into a snuff box."
—The Transfiguration exam[src]

The Transfiguration exam consisted in transfiguring a being into an object. In 1992, the students had to turn a mouse into a snuff box. Extra points were given for how pretty the snuffbox was, points were taken off if it still had whiskers.[1]


"Snape made them all nervous, breathing down their necks while they tried to remember how to make a Forgetfulness Potion."
—The Potions exam[src]

The Potions exam consisted in brewing a potion from memory. In 1992, the students had to produce a Forgetfulness Potion.[1]

History of MagicEdit

"One hour of answering questions about batty old wizards who'd invented Self-Stirring Cauldrons and they'd be free..."
—The History of Magic exam[src]

In 1992, the test went for one hour and the students were required to answer questions about the invention of the Self-Stirring Cauldron by Gaspard Shingleton.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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